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Re: Uplink power

Listening last night it seemed that people are using more power than for
example AO40.xls would predict as necessary. 
For example I heard one station running 100 watts to a 19 ele and another
with 40 watts to  2 * 19 ele and AO40.xls indicated both would trip Leila
given the squint and distance but didn't, and althought I wasn't expecting
too much from my 21dBW (OK , I was!) it was in fact totally inadequate
except for pehaps CW. 
I heard what I took to be Leila but only where there were no signals -
spurious activations like before I guess. Telemetry indicated it was on for
the U uplink.
I can easily hear the transponder noise floor so I think my receive system
is adequate. 
A basic question from an Oscar newcomer but is the effect of every 1dB of
ALC above the "no signals" nominal a corresponding 1dB decrease of downlink
power for all carriers, or equally a requirement for lower power stations to
increase EIRP by 1dB to maintain their downlink level? 

73 Chris G4SDG

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