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Re: Uplink Power

Hi all,

Is the bird deaf?

I must agree with you guys? I thought running 35W barefoot from
my Kenwood TS-790-E into a 12 ele XY RHP yagi would bring Leila 
crashing down on me! I could just barely hear myself! Putting on 
the 100W boot helped, but still nothing spectacular! I couldn't 
shift the S-meter although some European stations were; perhaps 
they have cut down versions of the VLA in their backyards :-)

Could certainly hear my downlink easily out to about 35,000kms
then very difficult. As a test later on, I could just detect my
carrier at 55,000kms. The beacon signal was excellent all the
time though. Interesting eh?

73's John (EA8/G4STA) 
"The furthest south 'G' station in the world !"

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