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RE: Uplink Power

>From: "Howard Long" <howard@howardlong.com>

>I don't think it's anything other than the different patterns of the 70cm
>and 13cm antennas on the spacecraft combined with the satellite's
>off-pointing. When the sat is always pointing directly to us things will
>improve overall.
>I agree totally that there's a big dose of Political Correctness going about
>on the subject of uplink power. Yes it is possible to work this bird on very
>low power - in the right circumstances - with the satellite pointing
>straight at you, and a recieve setup which can hear the transponder noise
>floor. But I'm more interested about what's needed to communicate reliably
>the majority of the time using equipment which may be set up by the average

Yes, good observations...but do not forget that the farther away from the
equator you live the more squint you must tolerate when the satellite is
pointing earth-centric {momentum wheels operating}.  The satellite will
point at its sub-satellite point {+/- 5 degrees of equator} due to its low
orbital inclination.

At apogee this is a maximum squint of only ~10 degrees, but near perigee it
is much larger.

BTW has anyone noticed they have activated transponder mode V/S2? 

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