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Re: Digital VOM

At 21:37 07/19/2001 -0400, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>We have a dozen of the $59 Radio Shack Digital VOM's and for student lab
>use, we didnt care much about their quality.  But after two years of
>abuse, I am more and more impressed with these things:

About a year ago Radio Shack had their ME-11 VOM on sale for $19.95!
It has a serial port, stripchart software etc. We happened to be looking
at data aquisition cards at the time to report power supply voltage and
from an unattended ground station. As an alternative to the very expensive
data aquisition hardware we just used 2 of the $20 VOM's connected to
2 serial ports on the Linux machine controlling the station. One measuring
voltage, and one measuring current. They have been running 24x7 for a year
now with no problems. We bought several of them for the lab and most of
us also bought one for home.

Ron wa4sir

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