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RE: Uplink Power


>      At the risk of being politically incorrect.  It takes quite a bit
> U band uplink than originally thought.


>       I am now prepared for the onslaught of emails telling me I just
> hear well enough (that is always the response to a post like the one

Well I agree with you. Both now and on the previous transponder session in
May I found that although I could hear OK there have been times (not all the
time) when I have felt that 200 or 500W EIRP is not enough - and like you I
can usually hear myself OK and there's always stations far louder than me...
but other folks can't hear me.

I also remember the first day of transponder operation when the US came in
very loud and I couldn't even hear my own uplink. The next day everything
worked perfectly with no station changes.

I don't think it's anything other than the different patterns of the 70cm
and 13cm antennas on the spacecraft combined with the satellite's
off-pointing. When the sat is always pointing directly to us things will
improve overall.

I agree totally that there's a big dose of Political Correctness going about
on the subject of uplink power. Yes it is possible to work this bird on very
low power - in the right circumstances - with the satellite pointing
straight at you, and a recieve setup which can hear the transponder noise
floor. But I'm more interested about what's needed to communicate reliably
the majority of the time using equipment which may be set up by the average

I've never met LEILA myself. When I do someone can tell me I'm running too
much power!

73 Howard G6LVB

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