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Uplink Power

I did some testing on U-S and L-S.

On orbit 330 i made a couple of contacts on
U-S and L-S

On Uhf i have an 14 dBic antenna, and 75 watt
of power, around 33 dBW. This gives me a good
downlink signal. ( no leila) .

On L band i have around16 dBic antenna gain and 10
watt. (around 26 dBW )

Downlink signals on U where  OK, but on L band, the signal
is marginal... . If i compare with AO40v2.0 i should trigger the max
transponder floor with this EIRP

OK we have still a squint angle, but this was relatively
low this evening, lowesti've seen is about 4 degrees.

Or, i have a receive/transmit problem, or the satellite
EIRP as given is not correct.

I will calibrate the G/T of the antennas in the next days,

I was working stations running 30 turn helix and 60
watt of power on the L band uplink with a good
downlink signal ( this is 35 dBw ! ) giving a downlink
of around -10 MB )

Any other receive reports ?

Best 73's Eddy ON7UN

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