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Stations worked via UO-14.

Greetings to all:
I have to first say THANKS to all who responded to my request for grids
for a few hams, and although i am listed with QRZ, i failed to remember 
that i "should" have gone there first to do the search.
With my "newbie" status on actually working the birds(listened for many
years though), i have to say it is FUN! Boy, with one HT in one hand,
another swapping freq.s for doppler and yakking, writing*WHEW*, makes
for a very fast pass!!
I tried to hear down to the last dB of signal i could,but i ould not 
hear VE3ER on the downlink. I called for him only, but did not snag him.
Maybe tonight i will, after i build my "secret" weapon for the HT..a 35
watt amp. 
Here's a list of those worked to date that will be receiving a "card"
from me(actually, it's an 8-1/2 X 11 paper).

1. K6YK
2. K5OE
3. N5AFV
4. KK5DO
5. XE2AT
8. VE3ER (Card sent pending contact).

P.S. I also finished my GaAs FET preamp so i can hear better finally!
No god antennas yet, but soon....i have builder's fever hitting me

Hope to talk to everybody on UO-14 soon!
Ernest A. Erickson
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