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Re: what a night

I'll provide more info later, but I had quite a bit of fun with my
calibrated attenuator and AO-40 last evening.

When the bird was at a range of 50K, I was still seeing a s/n of 25 dB on
the beacon! I had a very broad and several hour peak of approximately 30 dB
signal to noise from about 14K km out. Now I'm sure I'm receiving quite
well. I heard many ssb qsos and had no trouble copying them at all. I
started seriously listening about 6:30 p.m. and quit about 10:00 p.m. as
still had 25 dB or so S/N. Interestingly, when I was getting 30 dB S/N, the
prediction spreadsheet said about 27 dB, so that spreadsheet is doing the

39" HyperLink Tech BBQ dish
1' LMR 400 to a UEK-3000 .7 dB NF/30 dB gain downconverter
135' RG8x

Antenna is at 5' on a 4x4 with mast, armstrong pointing with a compass and

Hmmmm...if I steal my coax from the HF vertical on that same pole, and mount
one of my K1FO 22el long yagis for 70cm on the same armstrong mast, I could
be using the transponder by this weekend.

73...hasan, N0AN
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> All,
> Wow again.  Make 12 contacts last night before going to bed. Was losing my
> downlink by then (almost 38K). If I had not know where it was (with the
> Radio Tuner) I would not have found it.
> I had a wonderful "problem" at the beginning. I could not turn the power
> down low enough. HI Had the FT-847 all the way down to 3 watts. Thought I
> would switch polarity on the UHF beam. Guess what? Left hand polarity gave
> a much stronger signal. Interesting.

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