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Re: Freq Chart for AO-40??

Hi David,

on 7/19/01 9:00 AM, David Rush at ky0dr@earthlink.net wrote:

> S2 Downlink  Converted      Uplink
> 2,401.173    145.173        435.852    S2 passband lower limit
> 2,401.475    145.475        435.550    S2 passband upper limit

I hate to be picky, but...

This would be:   Uplink = 2837.025 - Downlink

The AMSAT-DL page shows the passband limits (without doppler) as:


  2,401.210                   435.780    S2 passband lower limit
  2,401.495                   435.495    S2 passband upper limit

This is:         Uplink = 2836.990 - Downlink

You were probably using the older numbers from:


Don Agro VE3VRW

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