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what a night


Wow again.  Make 12 contacts last night before going to bed. Was losing my 
downlink by then (almost 38K). If I had not know where it was (with the 
Radio Tuner) I would not have found it.

I had a wonderful "problem" at the beginning. I could not turn the power 
down low enough. HI Had the FT-847 all the way down to 3 watts. Thought I 
would switch polarity on the UHF beam. Guess what? Left hand polarity gave 
a much stronger signal. Interesting.

Now to think about improving the antenna. Have most of the mechanical 
details thought thru. Waiting on N panel connectors to start experimenting. 
Have a bunch of helixes sitting on my desk that I wound for practice. Found 
a little scrap piece of PVC (only 9 inches long) that is thin wall stuff 
that has good diameter. My constraint is helix has to fit over 1 inch 
square aluminum tube. Will look at hardware store today to see (of course I 
don't remember where or why I had thin wall PVC for anything)

Thanks to all for my education program.

Jerry, W6IHG
Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs LLC

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