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Norsat/Drake comparison

Norsat has xtal change and teflon tape mod. Drake has xtal change,
i.f. mods (cut 2 coils,caps- add 22pf caps), filter lines extended and
input hairpin modified.
Drake no signal noise floor= S1. Beacon a min. of S3 at 2356Z.
Norsat no signal noise floor= S0. Beacon a min of S2 at 2345Z. 
Several swaps were consistent in the results. The Drake seems to have
about 5db more gain than the Norsat. Anything heard on one could be
heard on the other even with no S increase so the noise figures are
All above are on a 20 turn pvc pipe helix held up by a stepladder.
	I hope David's Agilent ATF54143 project is successful and can
be reproduced cheaply. This device or similar ahead of the Norsat will
probably come as close to "Cheapsat" as you can get.
	Too bad LEILA cannot chomp the station tuning on top of the
beacon and way stronger than it.....
Eddie Seymour, WB4MLE
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