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Re: AHA! My Rx Problem Explained!

Mine does too (tracking program > sun, InstaTrak), Paul...and I originally
used that method to mark out what I thought were the "edges". Unfortunately,
the sun was at such a high elevation when I was trying to "mark" my tree
boundaries that I introduced all sorts of error (20 deg or so), dropping
from 65 deg elevation down to 10 or 20 degrees....and no...I wasn't drunk at
the time <g>.

The compass has solved my problems, as I now have a diagram of each tree,
left center and right and all the spaces in between. Now I have to find a
pass between 120 and 135 or 144 and 160 degrees azimuth, so I can verify my
work. Now it's fun again...I was getting pretty nutty when everyone on
#amsat was saying, "great signals, eh?" and I was barely able to hear it in
the noise!

Tnx comments. 73

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> > Today, I bought a compass. Guess what? I wasn't even close. Where I
> thought
> My tracking program calculates the sun position (AZ EL) as well, I find
> very accurate for aligning the rotators. You must be careful not to look
> directly at the sun, ... using a stick and a shadow helps here.

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