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Wow, good tm


Just turned everything on this morning when i got up and copied 93 good CRC 
tm blocks at 63 Km range. Got a few bad ones as I tuned around or played 
with the pre-amp. Squint was around 30 and was getting 3 S units above 
noise floor.

I observed something interesting. In my setup I have the Phillips-Tech 
dish, the UEK-3000, a relay to switch between UEK-3000 and VHF antenna, 
then the SP-2000 Vhf preamp, down into the shack to the FT-847.

I have been running with the SP-2000 turned on and the 10db attenuator in 
the FT-847 on to bring the noise level back down. With that setting this 
morning, I got bad CRC tm. But when I turned the SP-2000 off and turned off 
the attenuator, I could copy good CRC tm. HI.  Too much gain, I guess. 
Better Signal to Noise at lower signal levels?

I am encouraged. There is still room for improvement at the antenna (helix 
and downconverter behind the helix reflector). Have almost 0.6db loss ahead 
of downconverter right now

Just wait for the transponders to be turned on. I go on a trip Sunday so 
hope it is before then.

Jerry, W6IHG
Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs LLC

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