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Getting ready for mode L/S

Since transponder operation on AO-40 is on the verge of reality (again), I
am working on commissioning a Mode L uplink.  My antenna will be a Directive
Systems Loop Yagi Model 2345LYK.  Gain specified is 20 dBi.  The radio is a
FT-736R with 1.2 Ghz module with nominal output of 10 watts.  My
transmission line will be approximately 50' of 7/8 in heliax with 5 to 10 ft
lengths of Belden 9913 on each end.  I am calculating about 3 to 4 db of
transmission line loss.  My question is this:

Will I need an additional power amp?

My EIRP should be about 10 watts  * 100 * 0.5 = 500 watts less about 3 db
penalty for linear polarization or about 250 watts.

Any comments?

73 de Ken

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