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VK4 AO-40 results squint?

Hello everyone, 
I thought I would post my results from last night's pass, and see if anyone in VK had similar results. At 10:47UTC the range was 43000km, phase 51, doppler -13.9Khz, sun angle 41.8, squint 110.8. Signal strength 5 s-points above the noise using FT736, 2.4m dish with offset helix, Australian MDS downconverter.
Thanks to everyone who replied to my squint question, but I am still confused, the Alon/Alat was 313/0 last night from the sat, I subtracted 313 from 360, which gave me 47, so I put this 47/0 into logsat, and came up with a squint angle of 110.8. Is this correct? If so why was I getting such a good signal with the spacecraft antenna presumably pointing 110 deg away from me?


John de VK4JWT
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