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M2 RH/LH CP Switching

While I have not been active as of late (Though did give it a try on field
day.. That was dissappointing), I just purchased a home and will be moving
into it over the next month.  One of the plans is to put the sat antennas
back up.

I was crusing M2's website this morning and discovered that they have a kit
now that allows Right Hand/Left Hand polarisation switching for the 2MCP14
and 436cp30 (Which is what I happen to own.) and I was wondering if anyone
has used this yet?

Also, in the description it talks about "Dent Switching".  What the heck is

Hope to be back on the air (Satellite anyway) by mid august.  I've missed
this facit of the hobby an aweful lot.

Dave, N8KXA/3
Fox Nancy Zero Zero

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