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UO-14 pass and obliterated information...

I am in need of the grid locator for two hams i contacted on UO-14
tonight and the previous morning.
I know one is an Amsat BB listee, and the other, i have no idea.
Well, here they are..

K5OE: Gerald...i think he's DM41 but not sure, while passing his locator
to me, high power blasted him out of the picture and i could not make
contact again as i was in the UPS lot with a dipole antenna and my
GP-300/Maxtrac blasting the downlink...people WERE staring!

K6YK: John Lee...Stockton, CA......Another grid lost to a high power

Thanks to everybody's assistance in "finding" these gentlemen's grids 
and forwarding the info. to me.

A bit about "what" i use for portable ops in northern Wisconsin:

UPLINK: R.S. 2 M. HT on 145.975

DOWNLINK: GP-300 with 435.055, 435.060, 435.065, 435.070, 435.075, and
finally, 435.080. PLUS a Maxtrac on 435.070(I can keep the squelch open
on that one!).

Antenna/s on uplink: Folded dipole(from DB-224) and 5/8 wave base-loaded
mobile ant.
Downlink: 1/2 wave homebrew mobile ant., Antenex Transit antenna "cut"
for 430-450 Mhz.(Boy, that works great!)Glad i sell these!!
Homebrew full wave mobile antenna on 435....broad-band design covers
entire 430-460 Mhz. with a 1.5:1 mismatch at three points within the
band spread!  Lowest VSWR is 1.1:1 at 436, and 1.2:1 at 444....low VSWR
readings well into 450, where my UHF repeater is parked, that is at

Thank you all for your help in gathering the needed information, it is
much appreciated!!

I'll try to be QRV tomorrow during the AM pass of '14...but work may
call me first<smile>.
Ernest A. Erickson, KA9UCE, A.E.C
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