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AHA! My Rx Problem Explained!

Doug, Dave, Jerry and Don, a BIG THANKS.

I must quote Doug:

"a challenge to find the sat ( tune '847 , run
outside fiddle with dish , come back inside , tune around , go back
outside move dish , go back inside retune, etc.... ) "

If this little snippet doesn't describe EXACTLY what I've been going
through, nothing ever will.

Today, I bought a compass. Guess what? I wasn't even close. Where I thought
I was pointing at 108 degrees with a nice 8 deg squint....well, I was
pointing at 120 degrees and 108 was in the middle of my TREE. Where I
thought I was pointing at 135....I was pointing a lot closer to 150 deg. In
fact 135 was closer to being in the middle of ANOTHER TREE!

I now have plotted out the two openings I have and they are all of about 15
degrees each from 120 to 135 and 144 to 160...that's all I have open at
ground level. Now, it's back to plotting out the passes and looking for a
"window" that fits the bird (I also need at least 10 deg elevation at the
openings noted above)

Thanks to all for helping save my sanity. (what little there was to work
with in the first place)

hasan schiers, NØAN

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