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Re: G-5400B Problems (additional question)

> > If you do not hear any humming or grinding, the end sensors may need
> > adjusted in the rotor.  They are switches that remove power to the motor
> > when they near the end of mechanical travel.  It is a safety feature
> > of the rotor to protect the motor if automatic controls or the human
> > operator
> > run out of control.
> Yours has switches?  Mine will grunt up against the stop all day until you
> tell it to stop (or you chew up the motor).  While we are inside the 5400
> mine needs to have the Az pot cleaned.  Does anyone know how to break
> 5 phillips screws loose?  I have been able to get two of them, but the
> three won't budge.

My Yaesu G-5400B has the end stop switches in them.  My older KenPro
KR-5400 does not have these switches.  They are really nice when an
automatic antenna control system gets out of control or a relay becomes
stuck in a controller circuit.  They prevent the motor from over heating in
stuck condition by simply removing power from the motor at the end of
travel.  Yes, I have even rewound the field coils in the motors.  When they
overheat the enamel melts and causes multiple shorts throughout the
windings.  The end stop switches are a very nice addition to the rotor

At my first attempt at removing those Phillips screws on the KenPro housing,
I used a Vise-Grip Plier.  Then I learned an impact driver works well on the
first hit if you have a Phillips bit the correct size to fit the screws.  I
on of this tool after learning the Vise-Grip Pliers leave some bite marks.
They were not annoying, but I did paint over them to prevent any rust.  A
years I replaced the screws when replacing a potentiometer zapped by


Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, Alabama

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