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RE: G-5400B Problems (additional question)

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> Yours has switches?  Mine will grunt up against the stop all 
> day until you tell it to stop (or you chew up the motor).  

G-5400B schematic shows limit switches on the AZ rotor, but
not on the EL rotor.  I have never paid attention as to if the
limit switches are working or not.

The newer versions of NOVA have a rotor drive timer programmed
in that will automatically shut down the rotor if the program 
senses rotor movement command of more than X seconds.  X
is a programmable time set by the user.  I pretty much quit
using NOVA because of other problems, but the safety timer
worked.  If you can get an older copy of NOVA it may not have
as many problems.  But that is a story for another time.

> While we are inside the 5400 mine needs to have the Az pot 
> cleaned.  

Cleaning might be enough, but if I was pulling it out of service
and disassembling it, I would rather just REPLACE the pot and
know it was new, rather than clean it which might be just a
temporary fix.  In other words, I want to maximize the time
before I need to do it again.

> Does anyone know how to break those 5 phillips screws loose?  
> I have been able to get two of them, but the other three won't 
> budge.

Try one of the impact drivers that motorcyclists use to split
the cases on a bike.  Most have a 3/8 drive socket end, use
standard socketed screwdriver points, and look like a big fat
screwdriver.  You twist it on the direction you want the screw
to turn, then smack the end with a plastic mallet.  It imparts
a small but powerful twist on the screw until it is loose.

Hope it helped.  Good luck.

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