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Re: G-5400B Problems

> I bought it used and was told it worked and it does - to an extent.  When
> traversing from North to South thru West, the azimuth rotor stops at about
> 240°.  I have aligned my rotor with North and it will go to South if I
> traverse East with the rotor.
> I have not checked my wiring, but I would assume that it is correct since
> everything else appears to work correctly.  I have checked with a compass
> and the rotor is accurate (my declination is 1° from true North) at all
> points and to 240°, it just won't got South thru West.
> Any ideas or suggestions?

When you say it will not go South trough West do you mean mechanically
or by the meter indication?

If you ignore the meter indication on the controller, can you see the actual
rotor move 360 degrees?

Does it just stop at some point?  If so, do you hear the motor humming,
running, or grinding in the rotor as you keep the control pressed manually?

If you do not hear any humming or grinding, the end sensors may need
adjusted in the rotor.  They are switches that remove power to the motor
when they near the end of mechanical travel.  It is a safety feature
of the rotor to protect the motor if automatic controls or the human
run out of control.

It is hard to say more without further information.

You could pull the rotor apart and see if the teeth on the gears or the
are in good shape, but I would not do that until the above questions are


Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, Alabama

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