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Crosstalk on Mode B

I still have some crosstalk problems on Mode B.
My setup is pretty marginal so no doubt that contributes:
	10' tripod
	12' yagis (linear, both vertical) on wooden crossboom about 6' separation
I run the coaxes down the yagi booms to the crossboom, then across to the
mast and then down the mast (as an aside, why does it seem more common to
droop the coax off the back end of the yagi?).
	2m GaAsFET preamp on the mast (about 10' of RG-8/U foam in front).
	The antennas are rarely in the same spot in the yard twice, as I put them
up and take them down just about after each use (XYL restrictions, you

One thing of note is that the antennas are placed fairly near (within 8' or
so) of trees and a cinderblock wall about 6' high.  I notice that depending
on how I steer the antennas in azimuth, it seems to change the probability
of crosstalk.  I say "probability" because as yet I have not been able to
divine any pattern to it, just that sometimes it's there and sometimes it's

Is this a simple "2m Bandpass Filter" RF overload kinda issue, or is there
more here than meets the eye?

Thanks In Advance,
Scott Townley		
Gilbert, AZ  DM43
HF/VHF/UHF/Satellite MOBILE station

"When the Going gets Weird, the Weird turn Pro"
Raoul Duke, Sportswriter

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Hated as Ever"

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