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Re: AO-40 < clarification

At 05:03 15-07-2001, you wrote:
>Yes, very nicely earlier tonight (OZ Time)

 From around 2300z, AZ 237 Deg, EL 12 Deg, MA 17, SQ 14 : very loud
To around     0330z, AZ 263 Deg, EL   5 Deg, MA 78, SQ 33 : very weak with QSB

Gear: 40cm offset-dish with 3-turn helix mounted on N-female connector, 
directly to LNA MKU232A2, through 4m of 75 coax (N-conn) to AOR AR5000.

Dish is pointed out through the window on the 4.th floor, around 0330 at a 
very bad angle. The helix does not yet have it's reflector/gp at the back, 
just 3 turns of 1.5mm copperwire soldered to the centre-pin of an N-female.

I wonder if the isolation on the wire has a lot of absorbation, haven't 
removed it.
Any comments on this?
It's the kind of wire used to lay out wiring by electricians, inside walls etc.

What are YOU using, Larry?

73 de OZ1LRG

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