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Re: AO-40

At 03:58 15-07-2001, you wrote:
>has anyone heard the beacon
>on AO-40?

Yes, very nicely earlier tonight (OZ Time)

I have just this Friday received my preamp from DB6NT, and it performs well 
enough to hear the beacon as it is just now 54000 Km away at squint 29 deg. 
Not much signal now on my 40 cm dish, but it was very loud earlier, and 
corresponds nicely with the spreadsheet that was published some time ago. 
Yesterday squint was very high, and nothing heard then.

If you have trouble hearing it, pay attention to the squint, it's the 
reason we have most of the variation of reception from day to day. It will 
keep you from tearing the gear apart, only to find nothing wrong with it, 
as i did yesterday :-)))

So make sure to keep your tracking-prg up to date with the attitude-data, 
it explains everything.

Cheers, Jens

73 de OZ1LRG

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