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Cheap & Easy S-band Crystal Oscillator

Here is yet another cheap and easy signal source for S-band.  While perusing the ICM site a few weeks ago, I came across these little clock oscillators, available in several standard frequencies.  At $3.38 each, I splurged and ordered a 5 MHz and 10 MHz.

They are quite simple little devices to implement as a signal souce.  I looked around my junk box and used what I had available:  a 7805 voltage regulator, a 1N4001 diode, and a 10 k 1/4 W resistor.  I also jazzed it up with a 5 V LED just because I have a bag full of them :-)

After hooking up the 5 MHz unit, I listend on my FT-100.  Up through 200 MHz, it is about S7 on my meter--with no antenna connected to either the rig or the oscillator.  At 900 MHz, it appears to be about 50 Hz low (that's Hz, not kHz).  I don't know how accurate my Yaesu is, so I'm plenty happy with this accuracy.  Considering how much thermal drift is inherent in these surplus downconverters, it will work just fine for setting up a re-crystalled downconverter for AO-40.


Jerry, K5OE
ps:  the 10 MHz unit is available to the first person who sends me $5.

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