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Re: Mode L helix using copper tubing

Don't think it was me, but here is the way I did it for a 2.4GHz 
helix--same concept:

Oh--the web traffic to the server is VERY slow today, so be patient if it 
won't load right away.  Something must be up with the network....

I simply flattened it with locking type pliers...


Hope those pictures help a little..many others dumped there, too.


Mark N8MH

At 03:30 PM 7/14/2001, Kevin J. Smith wrote:
>I remember someone mentioning forming a 1269 Mhz helix using copper tubing.
>I believe he or she mentioned just flattening the end that is the matching
>section.  Could that person email me back repeating what exactly was done
>and how the helix performs?  I am in the middle of building the same type of
>helix.  Thanks.
>Kevin Smith

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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