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Re: AMSAT-BB-digest V2001 #456

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<< On the other hand the V-TX went silent when everything including
 the IHU-1 stopped on Dec 13th. The short attempt of 1 MA-count
 was with bad telemetry on S-band and perhaps an IF-matrix set to
 no signal on the V-TX. Even if the V-TX perhaps has transmitted
 for some time into an open or shorted coax of the omnis (which
 were on during the incident), there might be some chance for
 survival, as your PA in the VHF-TRX at home may handle bad SWR
 too. That's why I give V more chance than U.

After the recovery from the 13th Dec event the V tx was reported as drawing 
the correct current etc from the supply, which is a good sign.
I recall the V TX was built using a gemini package FET, possibly a BLF278. 
These devices are very robust and 'flat out' can run 450 W. As they are 
spec'ed at 300W output at 30:1 VSWR.   It's highly likely that the PA is OK.  
I guess we have to cross our fingers for an intact feeder and antenna to 
connect it to.


David G0MRF  
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