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Re: phase shift with coax

At 05:22 PM 7/13/01 -0400, "Mark L. Hammond" <hammond@surrealnet.net> wrote:
>I found that the little 435 antenna in this package turned into a dummy
>load when it rained outside.

  Mine was exactly the same way.  I would go from s9+
signals from KO-23 (with preamp) when dry to barely s1
when wet.

  Since my antennas were on a ground mounted tripod, I
took a plastic grocery bag and essentially made a "kerchief"
over the driven elements and harness,  after which it worked
fine (until the bag blew off...)

  I've always been semi-loyal to cush-craft, since they're factory
is one town over,  but their satellite offerings were nothing short
of dismal.    I'll be initially using this antenna for my ao-40
uplink, but eventually would like to replace it with a shorter
homebrew helix (compensating for lower gain with more power)
once I figure out  exactly how much antenna gain I need...


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