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Re: Ariane 5 failure

>Artemis is having an re-ignitable thruster. In fact it is basically
>the same 400N engine which was used on AO-40.

Forgive me for asking such a "silly" question but the above is my 
understanding as well.  If so that makes the failure of the AO-40 motor even 
more well interesting.

Assuming that the two motors are nearly the same then As a non rocket 
scientist I would assume that AO-40 essentially copies the plumbing 
associated with the Artemis rocket AND (key point) here if thats true then 
the procedures to "prepare" the rocket could have been written well along 
the same lines HENCE whatever was not done that made AO-40's rocket engine 
not work well avoided.

I fly and test airplanes for a living so am somewhat familier with the 
writing of checklist and procedures and there execution in a "unique" 

So I guess that perhaps you could answer a question (and pardon if its been 
asked and answered before)...

Was the "failure" (whatever it was) a failure of the procedure or was it a 
failure of "someone" (I dont care to know the name) to follow the procedure?

If it is the former I would wonder why we didnt use some design and hence 
procedure that was "more well understood" and if it was the latter I am 
somewhat amazed that something as important as this would be "signed off" by 
only one person.

Again I know you are busy and if this has been asked and answered before 
please pardon.

Robert Oler WB5MZO

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