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Re: P3E

Estes Wayne-W10191 <W10191@motorola.com> wrote:

>Is there a status update on the next P3 satellite project?
>The one that will be run by AMSAT-NA?
>I'm surprised there is no publicity/fund-raising/volunteer
>campaign yet. I doubt I can contribute anything useful
>besides money, but it would be interesting to see what
>kind of help is needed.

Dick Jansson's paper at last year's event in Portland
sketched out what turned out to be, more-or-less, P3E.
All the essentials were there, including saving mass,
money and hassle by eliminating the propulsion system
and using GTO as the final orbit. This isn't drastically
different from the current AO-40 orbit, and the coverage
is pretty good.

There was some discussion about P3E on amsat-bb earlier
this year. Check the archives.

>Or are we waiting until AO40 is fully commissioned before
>making a lot of noise about the next project?

I wouldn't be at all surprised if this is the case. One
project at a time!

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