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Re: Ariane 5 failure

Hi Howard and Lee,

Howard Long wrote:

> In the simple terms of TV news, they stated on the TV news that there was a
> chance of being able to maneuver the Artemis experimental satellite using
> its two motors. The Japanese sat is space junk as it only had one motor.
> (!?!?)

Artemis is having an re-ignitable thruster. In fact it is basically
the same 400N engine which was used on AO-40. 
In addition they have a XEON/Ion thruster for station keeping.
They will probably (hopefully!) able to correct the orbit with two or 
more burns of the 400N thruster and perhaps using the Ion thruster..

BSAT-2 is using a solid fuel apogee kick motor, which will make it
impossible to correct this. However, they also have very small 
hydrazine thrusters for station keeping, which might be used.

Clearly, even if they make it, their lifetime will be shortened..

73s Peter

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