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Re: re: AO-40 G3RUH Ranging Keps Set 14

At 11:32 AM 7/13/2001 -0500, ken durham wrote:
>When trying to update to this set, IT result is:
>"Old Elements No action"
>I could force IT to accept this set, but I would like
>to know why I am getting this result. Any help appreciated.

This just means the Epoch Time of the element set is equal to or older than 
the Epoch Time of the element set already in your database. InstantTrack 
assumes that a new element set would have a later Epoch Time than an old 
one. That's not always true, depending on who is generating the element 
sets (and how), which is why InstantTrack also provides a way for you to 
override the elements without regard for the Epoch Times.

There's a lesson here for the AMSAT teams who are generating element sets: 
it would be a good idea to advance the Epoch Time of the generated elements 
whenever you get better data.

73  -Paul

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