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New update to the Amsat-DL site


There is a very good update to the AMSAT-DL site.


Based upon a rough calculation and a little wishful thinking... 

AO-40 is moving at about 5.3 degrees/day.  On the 7th, it was at 290/-
3.  That was 5 days ago.  If it's now at +26 degrees from that.  315/-
3.  We are getting close!!!

A very wishful thinking ao-40 op could conjecture that maybe we'll 
see it on or before this weekend.

Tune up that gear :).... Again, this makes a huge assumption which 
could be wrong.  That being, that when they get close, the command 
team will be ready to turn on the transponder, I don't know what if 
any house cleaning activities might need to be preformed prior to 
that event... But it does give us a rough timeframe to watch for.

I do really like the status update on the amsat-dl page!

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