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Re: UO-11 "S" band beacon

Hi Chris (and the BB),

In a message dated 01-07-10 14:00:22 EDT, 
Chris.Grohmann@GlobeCastNE.com writes:

> I copied UO-11 "S" band beacon last Sunday 
>8 July at AOS 14:19GMT - orbit 92920.
>  It again had modulation 

Wow! Very interesting!  I've always heard that the S band beacon
was just transmitting an unmodulated carrier.  

Is this modulation FSK just like the 2 meter modulation or is it 
PSK ?  

What are you using to demodulate the S band beacon?

> and although the signal was reasonably strong there
>  were still lots of bad characters. 
>  I managed to decode the following:
>  ---------
>  @@ Auto Mode is seluk|er
>   sxin Period:`532`@
>  !Z Oqg firings:  102<
>   +!SPIN!~irings: 22
>   - sPIN firings:!@242
>  ** USaT-OSCAR11 @OBC **
>  Eiary Operatyng System1V3.7

Yes.  That is UO-11 telemetry in there.

Do you have or can you make a recording of
the audio as a .WAV file ?  I'd be very interested 
in getting a recording of the S-band beacon and 
its modulation.

>  The Saturday afternoon passes I heard had all been very low signal level. 
>  I wonder if anyone else is receiving telemetry?  
I'll try to get set up soon.   I wonder if the telemetry
is only turned on at certain times?

Douglas KA2UPW
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