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435mhz interfers with S band

Good Morning,

Today's problem.

Yesterday before the loud AO-40 pass across the East Coast, I decided to 
try transmitting on 435 Mhz while listening to the sun on S Band. Boy, do I 
have BIG time interference. My signal is S9 plus without a repeater, 
changed to USB on tx and I can understand myself. BAD. Turned the power all 
the way down (3 watts) but still very strong.

Now I have the SSB UEK-3000 sitting on the back of the Phillips-Tech dish. 
I have the M2 long boom antennas on fiberglass cross booms. The dish is on 
the UHF side next to rotor, about 4 feet away from UHF antenna. I did this 
for weight balance considerations.

Today I will move the dish as far as I can to the VHF side and try that. 
But I have a feeling I am still in big trouble.  The fibergalss booms BTW 
cleared up all the interaction I previously had between VHF and UHF on the 

I am assuming I am getting interference from the 435 fundamental - not a 
harmonic. I re-read Ed Krome's article on 435 Notch Filters.

Has anyone put a notch filter into the SSB UEK-3000????  I know we have had 
lots of discussions on the Drakes but what about the UEK-3000????


Jerry, W6IHG
Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs LLC

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