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Re: ArcJet Updates Etc

on 7/10/01 9:09 PM, Timothy J. Salo at salo@saloits.com wrote:

> Second, it is not clear to me that AMSAT-NA actually "runs" any projects.
> Rather it supports projects through a variety of means.  One of these means
> is funding.  Others might include [or potentially include, I forget]
> assistance with amateur satellite frequency allocations.  As such,
> AMSAT-NA has only a limited ability to specify or impose detailed
> regulations.  

Incorrect from what I understand.  AMSAT-NA does run projects.  AO-16 was an
AMSAT-NA program and the last satellite program they did.  The current
AMSAT-NA directed programs have been SAREX and the ISS program.

AMSAT-NA has contributed to programs run and managed by other AMSAT
organizations.  AMSAT-DL has managed all of the HEO programs so far - AO-10,
AO-13 and now AO-40.

AMSAT-NA has decided that the next HEO satellite it supports will be one
which IT manages.  Who the management person or people are will be most
likely determined by the BoD or a technical committee if there is one.  The
same would go for the key constructors.

I doubt I'd have to worry about getting selected for anything.  I've just
been crucified for daring to question information from the AO-40 control
team that doesn't make sense.  I've been politically incorrect for
questioning the status quo (after vigorously defending it for months).  Oh
well, so be it.  



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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