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Re: ArcJet Updates Etc

>After all, my airplane already has a "no crashing" placard... :-)
>  73 de Maggie K3XS

Thank you for reminding me of something that the instructor who took me all 
the way to the ATR (bet you dont know what that was) when I was 18 taught me 
a long time ago...

All the airplanes I or my wife fly do have "no crashing" placards...doesnt 

All of the ones that I or my wife fly do...they are called "The Pilot in 

The difference between Amateur pilots and Professional ones is that the 
latter know its not the wings on the airplane that get you home...its the 
wings on the PIC.

I share a story with you from those days.  I was working on my 
commercial/instrument (at 18) and read some article from Flying that said 
"there are pilots who have landed gear up and the rest who will" and as my 
instructor (Captain "Knife" Whetstone) was briefing me for the flight I 
thought I would interject that.

Knife reared back on his heels and said "BULLXXXX" (you fill in the rest)... 
then he said "How many pilots retire because of the age 60 rule from 
commercial flying"?  I shrugged my shoulders and he goes on "More then land 
gear up"..."Professionals know the value of checklist and procedures and 
never not a single solitary time deviate from those".

I could go on and I leave the relevance of the story to the students who are 
incessantly praising people who really if you think about it havent gotten a 
single thing right yet.

Your airplanes might not carry a no crash placard but if you get on my wifes 
airplane (she flies really big ones for a major US airline and her other 
airplanes are a TOMCAT AND a really old Cardinal) then you can for darn sure 
rest assurred her's does.

So does mine. Its not the wings on the airplane...its the ones on the pilot.


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