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Re: Soldering iron for DEM preamp kit?

I use a Hakko 926 soldering station with the model 907 50W iron and 900M-T-1
tip. This is a 0.008" tip and I have managed to solder 144-pin LQFPs which
have leads on 0.020" centers. The parts in the DEM preamp are much larger
(0.05" or larger lead spacing) so you could get away with a 0.02" or 0.03"
tip. The main requirement is that the tip be grounded so that the GaAs FET
gate insulation isn't punctured and that the width be small enough so that
solder doesn't bridge the PC traces.

Two local chain stores (MarVac Electronics and Fry's Electronics) carry
Hakko products so I picked from what they had in stock. Ungar and Weller
make similar products which can be purchased through Allied Electronics and
Newark Electronics web sites.



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