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Re: Re: xm-1 satellite as test sig

I sit corrected: I put the Yaesu/Vertex VR-5000 receiver onto the Andrew
dish/CalAmp D/C combo and swung it around to the predicts for XM2 (234.4 and
22.6) and found carriers at both 2335.35 and 2342.26 mHz. Setting the
Spectrum display on the '5k to 5 MHz width and 50kHz steps both carriers
could easily be identified. Swinging the dish off in both el and az
displayed a decreas in signal strength. Rx settings were WFM.

The VR5000 has a neat feature called (appropriately enough!) Field Strength
Meter. This allows you to set a "reference" level and compare it to a
"current" level, both of which are simultaneously displayed. This function
allowed me to move the antenna array around to see the effect on signal
strength relative to what I had peaked the array on. After this excercise I
feel confident that my antenna pointing is quite accurate.

To Bdale and Chip:

I have not tried to use the 5K to directly receive any of the satellites
since I moved the array closer to the shack. If it ever stops raining I plan
to do that and compare results.

I have, however, used the VR-5000 to receive the AO-40 beacon directly on my
portable setup. The feed line length was only 12' so the loss/noise was not
a problem. Results were "useable" but, with only 16 dB of gain on the DEMI
pre-amp, not spectacular. I have a second DEMI 13ULNA that I plan to put in
series with the first one to try again. Sorry it took so long to get back to
you on this.

The Yaesu/Vertex VR-5000 receiver has proven (and continues) to be a
valuable asset for satellite experimentation for me. The more I use it the
more a bargain it becomes! I expect by the time I retire I will have
mastered all of its features like a pro!

So, when can we expect AO-40 communications transponder operation to
return??? I have my L band module for the Ft-736r now and am anxious to use

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> Wayne W9AE replies:
> Interesting.  I listened for the 2444.54 MHz signal last night at about
> 0400Z and I couldn't detect any change in noise level as I swung the
> antennas around.  The satellite was well above the nearby trees.  Just to
> confirm that my receiving system was working, I went to the AO40 S2 middle
> beacon and could hear it 4 to 5 S-units above the noise (MA ~30).
> I guess I can try listening for the 2333.54 MHz signal.  With a 2278 MHz
> L.O. on my downconverter, I should be able to hear it at 55.54 MHz if I
> the cable to the 6m antenna port of my FT-847.
> Wayne Estes W9AE
> Mundelein, IL, USA
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