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Re: R: phase shift with coax

Hi Domenico and all,

On 10 Jul 2001, at 17:16, i8cvs wrote:

> As you realize this coax lines uses crimped PL connectors and i  see
> that your 10-5/8" measurement refers only to the lengh of the outside
> black jacket of the cable that you see between the crimped  ends  of
> the PL connector and not to the entire line leght considering in it 
> both lenghts of the connector itself .

These indeed seem to be factory crimped pieces that I have... but 
the length that I gave is from tip-to-tip, not just the jacketing 
between connectors.  Another friend has the same 10-5/8" 
dimension tip-to-tip too.  So its interesting that your cables are 

Your description of the theory for impedance and phase shift was 
excellent. Also the way to simply gauge the circularity.  And it 
sounds like a great satellite setup you have made with these 
antennas too!

Well, I think that I have established that everyone uses the free 
space formula for calculating wavelength on this cabling question.  
If I have time, I will cut a "long version" (by the formula) and try to 
test it out.... or if not, I will just cut to what seems to be the factory 
dimensions and run with it.  I'm intending to use this antenna 
around the end of July for an ISS school contact, so I don't have 
much time left to experiment.

Thanks again to all who have given me good advice!

73 de Stan/W4SV

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