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Re: xm-1 satellite as test sig

Greg KO6TH wrote:

I set my Rx for the 2333mhz frequency (no doppler), and begin sweeping the
antenna towards the predicted location.  There's a very definite increase in
the noise floor, and this on a system that cannot hear the Sun at all.  What
is most interesting is listening to the QSB in the noise as the antenna
I think what I am hearing are the various lobes and sub-lobes in my receive
pattern.  A systematic sweep, looking at the S-meter, should be able to
"paint" where the hot spots are.  Either I could use that to aim the
antenna, or even better, to look at the pattern and get an idea what's wrong
(various aberations, and such).

Wayne W9AE replies:

Interesting.  I listened for the 2444.54 MHz signal last night at about
0400Z and I couldn't detect any change in noise level as I swung the
antennas around.  The satellite was well above the nearby trees.  Just to
confirm that my receiving system was working, I went to the AO40 S2 middle
beacon and could hear it 4 to 5 S-units above the noise (MA ~30).

I guess I can try listening for the 2333.54 MHz signal.  With a 2278 MHz
L.O. on my downconverter, I should be able to hear it at 55.54 MHz if I move
the cable to the 6m antenna port of my FT-847.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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