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Re: ArcJet Update

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From: "Stacey E. Mills" <w4sm@cstone.net>
To: <amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org>
Sent: Monday, July 09, 2001 2:17 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] ArcJet Update

> Dear Folks,
> I'd like to try to answer a few questions and clear up some misconceptions
> made in comments on the Amsat-BB about the ArcJet outgassing.

Stacy and Peter(follow-up),

Thanks,  Appreciate your valuable time (wasted on the reply,
as if tossing a bone to the dogs would appease them).

TO: AMSAT-BB -  A few (no offense) Bitchers and Moaners,  show
up and attempt to disrupt, doubt and question every move attempted
to commission this SAT.

#1 If you donated "all" of the cost to house, build and launch your "in" and
in the know!
#2 If you donated "2%"  (still allot!!!) you can wonder where your money
#3 If your just a happy-go-lucky AMSAT user and member... (40-70%)
and going UP I hope!!! You'd appreciate the job being done and time
involved to accomplish it!


They PAY their BILLS like you might have to... unless your "#1" above.
and perhaps... have to actually WORK for a living.... (or they are retired
I would not guess since the majority of the bird is not on 1.8 - 54 MHz
or are donating VALUABLE time as retirees to this cause!

ArmChair/RockingChair/Big Sofa...."Quarterbacks / Mid Fielders / (sorry ran
out of decision makers;)"
You probably took Peter and Stacy for granted?   <or > Are you a bunch of
CEO's that make millions
as we squirm about scrapping for used equipment?

Ask yourselves this...

When an Architect or Engineer, "Wins" a Design for something "New/Different"
it is called a "commission".

  Are we considering, a Launch a Win?  (around Nov/Dec00???   YEA!!!!)
  Are we considering, a Beacon a Win?  (Yea!... we collect telem and check
out our setups!)
  Are we considering, a "Open Mic Week!" (operational transponders! we can
  Are we considering, a "Steering to jet control a Win?" (Yea!  Look mom not
  Are we considering, a  "820-850Km UP to the good life and safe orbit
adjustment"  (YEA)

Its not Commisioned; yet and there are several QSO's done and gone.

There are 3 parties when a building is raised....
            #1      Yahoo!  Its standing!!!!  (top floor in place!)
            #2      Yahoo!  It got thru all the Gov't. Code checks!
            #3      Yahoo!  Its fully sold......

 (Architects/Engineers.... mumble and say.....  It is done when it serves
its purpose.....)

  Or Are we considering that we ( not me! ) are bored with the old
fashioned; easy
for us who have the gear; "nice to chat with you Charles"; Roger Wilco
ability to use the Sats that you will not forget the excitement of your
first contact???

Non - the - Less!!!!   QUIT... BROW BEATING, Second Guessing and
Complaining about those that bring it to you!!!!

We Loose every day.... Bandwidth......Members (sore subject ???)
and it seems .... common sense....   I didn't see a show of hands to "Ride"
and report on the status of this particular bird when it was launched...

Yours, (Peter and Stacey.... in AWE and Appreciation..)
"Take a walk in a world of imagination" -- Willie Wonka

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