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Converter Mounting

David Reinhart <wa6ilt@bellatlantic.net> wrote:

> How are people who have bought the DEM converter mounting it?
Also, are people mounting their various converters on the crossboom or
on the vertical mast?

In Philly I have my plain DEM box clamped to the crossboom - since AO-13
days on Mode S - without any moisture-related difficulties. I use a formed
metal bar cradling the box and the bar ends are clamped to the crossboom
with two U-bolts holding the box securely against the crossboom. The
separate DEM preamp is also secured to the crossboom with a large U-bolt.
All connections face downward when the array is parked and are sealed with
coax seal. I do try to remember to park the array when I'm finished so that
there is less chance of moisture contamination. For my new station out here
at our summer home on Fire Island I bolted a UEK-3000 directly to the
crossboom and sealed the connections with duct sealer - similar to coax
seal. Based on my experiences with the  DEM box mounting, I don't anticipate
any moisture contamination issues with the UEK-3000 mounted in this fashion.

Jim, KK3K
AMSAT #22420

Jim Kelly

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