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Re: Silicone grease on rotor pots

Hi Wayne,

I was the one who posed the item about the use of silicone grease on the
rotor control pot. My azimuth rotor is an old CDE TR-44 and has been back
up for about two years now with the grease on the pot and it is still in
good shape. I have only one spot at SSE that is bad and it was bad when I
got it up.

You do have take the "bell" top off the rotor to put the grease on but
you have to do that anyway if you are going to do anything else to it.  I
first cleaned the pot (which was almost new) with alcohol, put a small
amount of Detoxit on it and then coated the winding with a very thin
layer of the grease.  I guess the wiper tension gets through the grease. 
I think the grease keeps the moisture out of the windings of the pot and
keeps it from oxidizing or corroding.

I remember this grease being originally was made by Dow Corning and I
think it had a designation of DC-3 or DC-4.  I have always called it Dow
Corning gut the stuff that I have now is not made by them.  The tube I
have (which I've had for maybe 8 or 10 years) has a military stock number
on it and is listed as "Silicone Compound - General Electric G624"  It
was made by R.H.Carlson Co. in Greenwich, CT in 1990.  I have no Idea
where I got it. ( I probably wouldn't tell if I did know!)

Hope this helps.

73's de Jess - W4MVB
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