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A command team working professionally for us!

Stacey & all Command  Team members,
I can not believe the criticism that you and the complete command team have
had to withstand. Please keep a stiff upper lip. The work that you and all
your fellow command team have done, has transformed a dream many of us had
decades ago, into a practical reality. Thank goodness there are talented
people like all of you who have used your professional skills on behalf of
all of us. I used to tell my children to "do for a living what you would do
for free" . It makes life mush more enjoyable. All of you are living proof
that if you really love what you do , you would do it for free, just as you
are doing for us. Isn't that neat!!
Please know that there many of us who will stay up nearly all night to try
to get a feed of the telemetry from AO-40. Most of us don't have 1% of the
skill all of you are sharing, but know we are your gallery, and we
appreciate every minute of your efforts.
Thanks to all of you.

Gunther Meisse

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