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Silicone grease on rotor pots

Several months ago, somebody on amsat-bb posted a message saying that they
use silicone grease to keep their rotor potentiometers working reliably.  I
remember the person said that Deoxit only helps for about 1 month, but
silicone grease keeps the pots reliable for 6 months.

Is that poster still reading amsat-bb?  If so, please explain in more detail
how you use silicone grease on the pots.  Do you put the grease directly on
the pot windings?  If so, what keeps it from wiping off?  Did you remove the
housing to gain access to the pot windings?  Did you completely fill the
potentiometer housing with silicone grease?

Any advice would be appreciated.  I'm finding that Deoxit alone is not
enough to keep my rotors working reliably.  Sometimes the rotors jerk back
and forth when they should be stationary.


Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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