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Re: Re: Moon keps

At 10:20 AM 7/9/2001 -0500, Estes Wayne-W10191 wrote:
>InstantTrack program seems to track the moon fairly accurately (at least it
>did several years ago when I heard VE3ONT via the moon).

The Moon algorithm in InstantTrack 1.50 is good to about 0.05 degrees.

>What technique does IT use to do that?

A truncated (fewer terms) version of the Meeus model, which involves a trig 
series expressed as polynomials. See the book _Astronomical Algorithms_ by 
Jean Meeus, among other places.

>  Is it adding a correction factor for the position of the sun?

The formulas include many terms to model the effects of the sun.

In searching for a suitable reference, I found that 
http://www.stargazing.net/kepler/ has sample programs (source code) for a 
similar model. I haven't tested them.

73  -Paul

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