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Re: AMSAT Chat

At 11:57 PM 7/8/2001 -0500, ken durham wrote:
>IT doesn't seem to report squint angle.

Sure it does. It's labeled "Offp" on InstantTrack screens, for 
"off-pointing angle".

You have to enter the attitude information on the Manual Edit Satellite 
Elements screen. If you don't enter the attitude information, "Offp" is blank.

The only trick is that you have to adjust the attitude information to 
account for the difference in antenna/motor configuration between AO-10/13 
and AO-40. To do that, you just negate ALAT and add or subtract 180 degrees 
to/from ALON. And notice that InstantTrack wants those values in the 
opposite order from the way they're usually mentioned. So for example, 
given 262/-2 you'd enter 2,82 into InstantTrack.

73  -Paul

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