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Re: sun tracking

>can anyone point me to a web site that calculates the azimuth na elevations
>for the sun for a given location??Rob Roy W4PZA

Same web site for the MOON question posted  this week.
AMSAT-VK Newsletters  Australia.


The Sun

The sun cannot be considered as a earth satellite. But if we think of the earth as being at a fixed position (Galileo Galilei wouldn't like this idea!), the sun would turn around the earth with a orbital period of one year, in a fixed plane (called ecliptic plane) just as any other earth satellite does. It is therefore easy to give a set of "Keplerian elements" for the sun. With these elements, the satellite tracking software computes the position of the sun very accurately. Only the distance to the "satellite" sun is not correctly computed and therefore all results depending that distance (path loss, footprint of the satellite, etc.) are also incorrect. The following "Keplerian Elements" of the sun will give exact positions of the sun for many years. The sun can be used for noise measurements of the antenna and the preamplifier.

Sun 1995:

Epoch time: 80.092361111    year 1995
Inclination: 23.44 deg.
Arg. of perigee: 282.87 deg.
MA: 75.2803
MM: 0.0027379093


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