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Re: sun tracking

"Roy, Rob" (W4PZA) wrote:

> can anyone point me to a web site that calculates the azimuth na
> elevations for the sun for a given location??Rob Roy W4PZA

John Magliacane's program named PREDICT will track the sun, the moon,
and up to 24 satellites of your choice.  Versions are available for
MS-DOS (will also run under Windows) and Linux.


For the sun and moon, no external data are required.  For the other
(up to) 24 satellites, standard 2-line Kep files are used to provide
the current orbital parameters to the program.

Nice program.  And if there's anything about it you don't like,
the C source code is available for you to modify to your heart's

73 de KB0ZEV
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